Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs

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Project Overview

Madison, Wisconsin
The 149,268 gsf Armed Forces Reserve Center (AFRC) site consists of 31.6 acres near the Madison airport. The AFRC is made up of the Wisconsin Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Navy Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve and consists of: Administrative and support offices with open office areas; recruiting offices; assembly hall with kitchens and chair/table storage; weapons simulator room; unit and gear storage; classrooms; family support offices; learning center with training aid and AV storage; break rooms with vending; toilets, showers and locker rooms; flammable material storage; physical fitness area; controlled waste handling facility; facility maintenance and storage; mechanical/teleco/equipment
room and indoor vehicle storage bays.

Supporting facilities include military and civilian vehicle parking; fencing; sidewalks; exterior lighting; access roads; access and service aprons; site preparation; grading and seeding; erosion control and stormwater management; utilities; exterior fire protection; detached facility sign.

Physical security measures are incorporated into the design including maximum feasibility standoff distance from roads, parking areas, berms, heavy landscaping and bollards to prevent access when standoff distance cannot be achieved.

Construction on the new building followed leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, guidelines for improving indoor environmental quality.