Kasson – Mantorville School District

Portfolio Categories: Education - K-12 Schools and Interior Design.

Project Overview

The project includes construction of a new Middle School for grades 5-8, consisting of approximately 129,000 s.f. Designed for 700 students, with core facilities for a maximum 1,000 student capacity, the facility is designed based on a pod design concept in an effort to provide separation between grade levels and to allow greater flexibility with potential sharing of specific common areas such as cafeteria, gymnasium, music, vocational technology, library etc. Specific design elements were taken into consideration to provide the greatest possible security and safety for the facility such as separate car/bus drop-off areas, access to the building at the main entry near and through the office areas, and maximum visibility and supervision throughout the building by strategic design of corridors and room layout. The site includes parking for cars, separate outdoor play areas for 5-6 and 7-8, and a large field area for outdoor physical education activities.