Ho-Chunk Nation

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Project Overview

Madison, Wisconsin
The exterior of the DeJope Casino is a deep rich natural earth tone. It picks up some common prairie style features, super sized, in the wheat pattern of the fascia metal, the columns and the stained glass detail of the metal frames. Lighting complements these details and adds punch from the freeway and parking areas.The design carries similar details to the interior, plus much more. The natural colors are brought in and are set off with stone work and warm woodlook panels. Copper colored metal work, railings, column grilles and sign elements, glass accents containing real natural elements like prairie grass and leaves, add to the look. The flooring plays on the Madison area isthmus and natural patterns in nature. The design pulls in some of the Wisconsin capitol with the colonnade and, in the future, the capitol bar and glass dome. The colonnade columns, with their fabric structures and programmable lighting, recall forest trees in a true “Las Vegas” fashion and will create a dynamic presence in the space. The “trees” and ceiling changes also serve to organize the space, creating a visible yet not physical separation of the cage, poker space and the future nightclub and lounge areas. To further enhance the “Las Vegas” style expression of nature, “clouds” are created in the sky which will be visually enhanced by programmable lighting. Lighting control for the “trees” and “clouds” can be tied together to help create a seamless dynamic space. Other accent lighting in some unexpected locations recalls the northern lights and twinkling stars.The whole space will come together as an enhancing backdrop for the gaming taking place and really is a little bit of Vegas, a whole lot of Madison.