Franciscan Skemp – Mayo Health System

Portfolio Categories: Interior Design.

Project Overview

The “extreme hospital makeover project” took the 14,500 s.f. of vintage 1960’s surgery suite space on the 4th floor of the Franciscan Skemp hospital and converted it to a state of the art Endoscopy Suite with all of the Mayo Health System amenities and standards. HSR’s team of architects and engineers successfully designed spaces that have patient comfort and flow as the number one priority, yet still give the medical staff the space that they need to deliver patient care in an efficient and professional manner. The project consists of all new spaces that include a Reception Area, a Waiting Area, a Nurses Station, (3) Consult/MD Offices, (8) Intake Areas, a Prep Room, a Men’s and Women’s Sub-Waiting Area, (8) Procedure Rooms, a Monometry Room, (18) Post-Procedure Patient Areas, Dirty and Clean Scope Areas, a Dictation Area, Toilet Rooms, a Men’s and Women’s Locker Room/Changing Area, a Break Room and a new Air Handling Room.